Wednesday, May 09, 2012

 Carl and i are living below the line this week to raise money and see how people in poverty live. we are limited to 1.50/day and together thats $15 for the entire week.
 This is our usual breakfast. 1 egg, toast and a 4oz glass of milk. For lunch its been apple and cucumber slices with plain yogurt with either a dash or sugar or a spoonful of agave. For dinner we have mixed it up. first was a soup of cucumber, cabbage, garlic, onions and rice. Last night was a patty made of cooked rice, pinto beans, onions and garlic.
This was our grand total list. We shopped in the city next door Mesa, AZ instead of here in Gilbert because they don't have tax on food. If you are interested in following my blog or donating to the cause/foundation please check out my link:
Samra's Live Below The Line Blog