Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Review for BIC Soliel Savvy

I am a Bzz Agent and I receive products, coupons and samples in exchange for my review/opinion. Today, I am reviewing the BIC Soliel Savvy razor :) I usually used the BIC Soliel before, but now I'll be switching to the Savvy version. 

Top: BIC Soliel
Bottom: BIC Soliel Savvy
Just comparing it to the other one, you can see that its better made. I like the white grips along the side so that I don't slip and cut myself. Also, by having the razor itself be reusable instead of the whole thing, BIC is reducing the amount of waste on this planet. The shave I receive from this makes my legs smoother as well. Go BIC! BIC Soliel FB

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