Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Unreal Candy Review

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I am a Bzz Agent and I receive products, coupons and samples in exchange for my review/opinion. Today I am reviewing Unreal Candy which is really good because its made without High fructose Corn Syrup and other crap. Their thing is to Unjunk products so that they are more delicious and filled with stuff you know how to pronounce. Find them on fb Unreal Candy Facebook and on their website Unreal: Candy Unjunked .

I got these coupons to begin with as well as my free one and went off to Walgreens where id seen them before and called them "Pacman Candy". i never really looked at them because i assumed they were like other candies that had stuff that would make me sick. Ive stated this before but just for a reminder, I am allergic to Corn and soy products. While Unreal has a small about of Soy Lecithin(spelling?) in it, the percentage is so tiny i don't get sick afterwards :)

I went with my boyfriend Carl who is 28 and his nephew Mikey who is 18 and was over for the night. I used my free coupon on Unreal's version of M&Ms, Carl got the Milky Way equal and Mikey got the Snickers variety.

All in all they were delicious and i figured over the span of this campaign id try some more flavors because i love chocolate. I love the colors because they look like real colors instead of too bright and fake.

I also tried the M&M peanut ones. yum!

Sadly just a few days ago, Walgreens put all the Unreal candy into the clearance section saying that they weren't selling very well. I got some of the big bags and stocked up a bit but i need to find a new place to find them!

I really love this candy so i hope that they don't stop selling it! it makes for a great snack during schoolwork and writing up BzzBlogs.

If you want to find places to buy Unreal or just support their great idea, please find them here and here
Thanks for reading!

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