Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 28: I am the Walrus...

Day 28 – Mar. 4th, 2012

                        Well I skipped last night because I was up till about 315 am finishing my annotated bibliography for English class concerning my research project. Yesterday was finishing my reading on research and bibliographies. We also went to Savers where I found some old Sandman comics which are pretty awesome. We got sweet tea while we were out and it was yummy. Jeana, Carl and I went to Fascinations as well to look around. They are a couples-friendly kind of sex shop and they have a good selection of everything one could be looking for in the sexy department. I found a purple and black corset which I bought for rather cheap and wore it to the Renaissance fair today. We came home later and I finished my English research. I found a great many articles on graphic novels in therapy, education, its history and some criticisms. I had to find seven sources and I found quite a lot of material to turn into a great research project for the rest of this semester. One of the articles explains how over one summer, two teachers helped failing deaf students get excited about reading and learning through graphic novels. I think this article is an excellent example of the growing genre and how incorrect people are when they say graphic novels are not “real” books. Carl and I ended up with about 3 hours of sleep last night which sucks because we got up around 7 am to get ready for the fair. We got all dolled up; I was a gothic pirate, Carl was a pirate and Jeanette was a gypsy-pirate. We got there a bit after it opened at 10 am and saw some Scottish bagpipers first. We saw a lot of good shows and looked through all of the lovely shops. I got a pair of earrings that are coffin-shaped with a skull on the outside and they open to reveal a skeleton. I also got two little statues which was a skull with tribal symbols on it and a blue fair sitting on a blue gem. The fair is TARDIS blue and looks like the woman who played her in the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” on the newer Doctor Who. We all tried fair food but some of it wasn’t expected. I had a Monte Cristo which was basically a sandwich deep-fried. I’ve never had it like that! When I've had it before, at a place like Denny’s or what not it was just slightly fried but this was a heart-attack. I couldn’t even finish and I think it made my stomach hurt later. Jeana and I also had alcohol; she had a Mudslide and I had a Daiquiri which made us both very nice. I was very bold and tried the Jacob’s ladder thing even though I fell off, but it was silly fun. Lastly we got our turkey legs which one cannot possible leave any renaissance fair without munching on. We got them to go to eat later for dinner. Today was a rather good day even though I’m exhausted now. I found out the one in Irwindale, CA ( that I used to go to is having their fiftieth year of the fair from April 7th to May 20th. I hope we can get out to California and go to that one because the events look amazing and the celebration will be crazy. I am close to the 32nd day of this blog and while it would technically end, I think I will continue but on an “as important stuff happens” basis instead of every single day… or maybe every day until the end of the semester. What do you guys think? Also why does all the pam email I get ask me if I want to enlarge my penis? I don’t even have one, let along need to enlarge it! Well have a good night, loves!

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