Thursday, March 01, 2012

Day 25 March MaDnE55!

Day 25 – Mar.1st, 2012

                       Wow it’s already March! I’ve got a lot of birthdays this month to remember: Dad’s is the 6th, cousin Jessie is the 7th, cousin Erik is 12th, Sara Johnson is 13th, St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th, the Tucson Lion’s Convention is 16th-18th, Baby Brian’s 1st birthday is the 19th, Mikey is the 20th, and Mom is the 21st. So much is going on, I feel as though I’m forgetting something/someone. Jeana, Carl, and I (and maybe Miranda) are going to the Renaissance Faire this weekend so that will be exciting. Carl and I met for the 2nd time there last year. We’ve known each other over a year now. Today I did more Psychology reading about adolescence and then I made a study guide for my Math Midterm tomorrow. Studying for all that algebra seemed to take forever and hurts my brain. I’ll take the pre-test online in the morning on Rio-Learn. Around 2:30pm, I’ll head over to the school to take the exam at the Rio Testing Center. Maybe afterwards I’ll go by the AZ Mills mall where I worked at Lane Bryant, just took look around but I don’t know yet as I have more English/Psych reading to do. I think listening to Weird Al, Bloodhound Gang, Voltaire and Mindless Self Indulgence while you are studying something pretty serious makes it more fun by the way. G’Night!

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