Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Day 30... i need to not forget these things.

Day 30 – Mar. 6th, 2012

            I completely forgot last night. I’m so lame lol. Anyways we didn’t do a whole bunch yesterday. I started my career assessment review in college success course and that was cool. We went over some possible majors I fit other than Psychology like English, art history and Sociology. It also showed even more job options for me as well. Today in English I am reading up on the academic discipline and will start my proposal on my project for English on the graphic novels. I got 2 of my requested books about them from the library at Chandler-Gilbert CC and I’m very excited about them. The one has a whole chapter of essays about how librarians feel about comics and their rise from being basically shit. I find this interesting since one of the career options I have was to be a librarian so I may have to use this in the future if I was comics to be in a library I were to run. I got the movie Return to Oz from Amazon today and the other day I received Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas so I really would like to watch those soon whenever I have some free time. I also received Women of Marvel Vol. 1 and Wreck This Journal which was recommended to me by my friend Lindsay Story. She has been posted her entries on Facebook when she does one and it looks absolutely fun! The book encourages you to get creative, destructive and crazy within it pages! There are specific ones that tell you to wash it, ruin it and basically have a creativity explosion. I can tell it’ll be a fun little experiment. Today is my dad’s 57th birthday and he had to work which is no fun. I sent him a card but I forgot to send it till today but I’m sure he will like it. Mom’s birthday is coming and I have a good idea of what to send her. Jeana, Carl and I also had Hawaiian BBQ for lunch today. My entrée was shrimp with white fish and a crab Rangoon. Carl got Spam sushi grossness lol. Very chill day indeed. I finally finished Ultimate Xmen Vol. 1 which I’ve been reading off and on since around the beginning of October 2010 when I still lived in Oklahoma. I just kept forgetting about and I’m sad because it was really good. In the Ultimate Marvel universe everything is a bit more streamlined and character backstories are altered slightly. Over all very good and entertaining read. I started Gerald’s Game by Stephen King again. It another book I started in OK but never finished. I’m already farther than I was out there. I like to read a print-only book and a comic at the same time for some reason. I’m not sure what my next one will be, I still have a lot of options I haven’t caught up on yet. Anyways I have a headache so have a good night folks!

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