Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day 32: The Finale! (sort of)

Day 32 – Mar. 8th,2012

            Well today us my last official day of this. I have decided I will try to continue this as much as possible throughout the rest of the semester though not daily. I enjoy writing this stuff down and venting my ideas. Today I had more psychology reading on early adulthood development including social and emotional. I read how creativity can be disrupted if one has children, divorces or has an unsupportive partner. This explains why I lost my creative streak in OK and now that I am here and with Carl it’s flowing like crazy. This is very good for school projects as well as my own artistic endeavors. I love to write letters to friends, draw my trees, doodle in my new journal and get all around creative. I am enjoying reading again as well as researching interesting topics. According to many people including my mother, I look and sound happier lately. I suppose it’s because I’m working towards something meaningful in my life and I have the support of many friends, family and especially Carl. I love him! (How mooshy! lol) I think over these last 32 days I have learned to expand upon what I say and write so others understand it. It also will make my writing better for classes where I need to expand on my own thoughts and not just summarize, paraphrase or quote someone else’s ideas. I got my tax refund today so that’s good for money. I’ll get a summer job somewhere at the end of April after classes are over for more money. I should apply at the library or something like that. Lastly cats are fluffy and I want dessert.
J Adios!

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