Monday, February 06, 2012

32-day commitment Journal

                                                            32-Day Commitment Journal
                    Because I know that this commitment will keep me on course to my goal of getting a “B” or better in all of my classes this semester/become a better writer, I promise that every day for the next 32 days I will take the following action: I will write at least 200 words about what I learned/did that day in a journal on MS Word.
Day 1- Feb. 6th, 2012
               Today was Monday so it was my Strategies for College Success class CPD150 Section 14495. If I pass this class with a B and my math class with a B, then Rio will pay for my next Math class and it won’t have to come out of my FAFSA money which is cool.  Today we learned about self-management and I may this 32 day commitment to write a journal entry everyday of at least 200 words to become a better writer. It should also help me review what I’ve done in the class that day to help me remember it all better. I printed out my affirmation and put it up next to my calendar to remember it. It is “I am a creative, intelligent, encouraging woman, serving others in need.”  The “serving” part is about my new work in the Lions club as well as the future career I want, I would like it to involving helping those in need; like battered women or children, possibly some kind of SVU thing. I also taped up this 32-day commitment as well so as not to forget it. I am keeping track of stuff pretty well with my awesome cupcake calendar as well. Definitely don’t want to forget my doc/therapist appointments. Also I really need to go to the post office to deliver these packages from Xmas and my letters to friends in Oklahoma. 

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