Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm terrible at titles... Day 8!

Day 8 – Feb. 13th, 2012

                       I almost forgot my entry tonight! Well it was a rather busy day today so that’s my excuse. Carl and I went to the movies this morning and watched “The Woman in Black” which was really good and Daniel Radcliffe made me completely forget he was Harry Potter. Kind of jumpy scenes and interesting story was nice. Then we came home and I finished up some Psych reading from last week and started on my success course Lesson 5 Self-Awareness and creating my Learning Style. I didn’t get very far into it before we went to the Lions meeting at Black Bear Diner. I had Alfredo broccoli chicken ravioli and it was yummy thought the chicken was kind of rubbery. It was revealed that was made $849.50 at White Cane Days over the weekend which is really excellent. It was decided that next time we should be there a bit longer maybe 8 hours and possibly change up what stores we collect in front of at so we can get a variety of people. The nominations for this year’s officers are up and I am nominated to be a Tail Twister which basically means I can charge people if they don’t shake hands with the other members the beginning of the meeting or don’t wear their Lions pin or other things, you can get charged $1 or so to be donated to the club. It can be pretty fun especially if you come up with trivia questions or drawing raffle tickets for a small prize. It’s pretty late now so you folks have a good Valentine’s Day!

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