Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 22 EveryDay I'm Shufflin'

Day 22 – Feb.27th, 2012

                        Today was nice because Carl and I slept in. It’s really nice to do that sometimes and wake up naturally, not to an alarm. I got to eat some turkey for breakfast which was from the Ren Fair so delicious. I got a late start but got done earlier than I normally do anyway. Today was my College success course day. I found out my Holland type is Social which mean I communicate with people well and try to help them solve their problems. I also took two different career tests and I’ll get the results in three to four days. I hope it all looks good. There was also a website where you could make your own mission statement ( I made my own as an optional assignment: My purpose is to express my creativity, curiosity and dependability by thinking of original solutions to solve my problems, by learning all I can about a topic at hand and by keeping promises to myself and others; to obtain a "B" or better in all of my classes, get a summer job doing something related to Psychology, and get to know my brother Frank better as well as obtain at least $1,500.00 by 2/27/2013. You can make your own too because it has easy to follow steps. I ended up not going to the Lion’s meeting tonight because I was really feeling up to it, but I will definitely attend next time. We have a conference in Tucson during the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day so that will be cool. All right everyone have a good night!

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