Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 6... Things you see in a parking lot.

Day 6 – Feb.11th, 2012

                        Today was the second day of White Cane. Carl and I got at Fry’s about 930am to set up the card tables and a folding chair at each entrance. Carl the elder (my Carl’s dad who is 80) and Mikey (Carl’s nephew who is 17) stood at one entrance and Carl and I stood at the entrance by the pharmacy. Things went pretty well, some of the first folks we had gave us $5 bills and what not. We got a few people excited about attending a meeting or contacting us with their old glasses or wanting to help. There were a couple of men who had been helped by a Lions Club as children and gotten eyeglasses and they were the ones that usually threw in a wad of cash. There were a few downers though as they were rude or made remarks such as “Well I can barely walk in my age, so I can’t help you.” I hate that attitude because there are Lions in wheelchairs and canes or who are blind themselves and they put in time for volunteering, so don’t give me that bitchy remark. Carl really saved the day being the good person he is because he helped an elderly gentleman who was 82 to get home. He had driven to the market but was very confused about everything, could hardly walk, wasn’t sure what was going on and it had seemed as though he had possibly had a stroke. We noticed him wandering the parking lot and starting to get into a car. Our club Secretary John had come to help with White Cane and called the Gilbert Police to help the gentleman out. They escorted him home and his wife hadn’t known he’d left or where he went. Everyone said that by helping him before he drove away, Carl probably avoided an accident. You see a lot of strange things when you are outside of a market by a parking lot for 6 hours. We saw a few crazies, an obviously high on something guy, lots of kids and lots of generous donators. Other than that I got an 88% on my Algebra Ch2 test. Time to relax!

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