Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 21: A Lazy Sunday

Day 21 – Feb. 26th, 2012

                        Oh Sunday you were truly a time of rest for me this time around. I really just read or watched movies or did my surveys. It was really nice to have down time! Jeana is not feeling well because she messed up her hip so she’s on medications. Carl, Jeana and I were watching Ink Masters and made us want to get more tattoos. Then it was Auction Hunters which is kind of neat even though the guys kind of have these douchebag moments of cockiness. During this time I was on-and-off reading the Skyrim Guide we have to see things I may have missed. Following that, was the movie Real Steel with Hugh Jackman. Carl kept calling it “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots” and while it was like that game a bit, it was actually a pretty good movie. We all had dinner at Five Guys and I had a grilled cheese with bacon, mushrooms and onions added. It was so good and filling. I haven’t really wanted hamburger meat lately due to reading Fast Food Nation. I won’t gross anyone out but let’s just say I might steer clear of it for a while. Dylan Dog: Dead of Night was the next movie we watched. It is based on an Italian comic book of the same name and it was very supernatural as well as funny. Dylan is a Private Investigator for the undead in New Orleans. His sidekick is now a zombie named Marcus. It was a very cool story but I would like to see more of it and possibly read his books. We got Dairy Queen for dessert and I had a Hawaiian Blizzard. It comes with vanilla ice cream, bananas, coconut and pineapple in it. I love ice cream! Well that’s about it for tonight. I like lazy days sometimes

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