Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 10... Mad Libs Always turns out so wrong

Day 10 – Feb.15th, 2012

                       Today was long but got some homework and such done. I finished my College Success homework on my Learning Style. I am a Feeling Learner with a close second to being a Thinking Learner. Feeling basically means I enjoy connecting to what I’m learning about, seeing how it relates to my life and how it can be used. Thinking means that I also like the facts, seeing things done step-by-step and presented to me in a logical fashion. I also was to make rules for success in college and my life. They are: 1.) I show up. 2.) I do my very best work. 3.) I participate actively. 4.) I dive deep. 5.) I arrive on time. 6.) I keep promises to myself and others. 7.) I work before I play. 8.) I stay positive 9.) I show kindness to everyone. 10.) I encourage myself and others. I think #8 may be the most challenging because I do tend to be down on myself and let the negativity sneak in. I will try to combat it! I was also doing my English 102 homework and I am doing a rhetorical analysis essay. I will need to take an article about a subject and show the strengths and weaknesses of its argument and not necessarily take sides on the subject. We will have 2 opposing articles to compare the weak points in both. The subjects I’m looking into are: U.S. military should/should not ban Wicca; Birth control results in fewer/more abortions; Gay teen suicide is common/is a myth; Homosexuality can/cannot be cured; The Pill is harmful/is not harmful for your health; and finally, Schools should/should not allow students to access information on gay and lesbian issues. I’m going to sleep on it tonight to decide. We also had Fisherman’s Stew for dinner, courtesy of Jeana. We had it with the kids who are the nephews and nieces: Brian, Aeron and Kayla. They are 15, 13 and 11 respectively. It was a nice break from homework and we played Mad Libs, which always turns into a giggle fest especially with kids of their age. They live right behind us so it’s nice to get to do stuff with them before they start to be bitter, rude, apathetic, egotistical adults like the rest of us lol. Now it’s off to read some more of Fast Food Nation before sleepytime. J

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