Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 23: Social-ENFJ Type

Day 23 – Feb.28th, 2012

                        I had a nice day today. I did some English homework and read about searching the web about research questions and using the Rio Salado library. We reviewed how to judge the accuracy and authority of a website as well as the differences between the ending part of the URL .edu, .org, .com, and .gov mean. I have to write an annotated bibliography on seven online sources for one of my research questions. I am leaning toward the graphic novels one as it is so relevant to my interests at the moment. I’m definitely keeping the other two in mind though as I see them as being good future topics for classes further down the road in my education. I finished reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 8 in less than an hour earlier. It was really good and really sad as well. I like that the writer/creator can do so many things now without fear of a budget due to effects. I also got my Career Test back from my College Success course and it was 25 pages long! It includes the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It was very revealing as well as specific in what I should lean towards as well as what kinds of things I would excel in. According to the SII, the top ten occupations listed for my type (Social) were: (1. Special Education Teacher, (2. Speech Pathologist, (3. Foreign Language Teacher, (4. Librarian, (5. Social Worker, (6. Translator, (7. College Instructor, (8. Occupational Therapist, (9. Psychologist, and (10. Technical Writer. All of this sounds pretty amazing but there is a slight problem with #3 and #6 as I only know English. I suppose if I did know another language, I would be great at helping others learn it as well as explaining what it means. According to the MBTI, I am an ENFJ type which means the following: Extraversion: Getting energy from and attuning to the external environment, iNtuition: Focusing on the big picture and future possibilities, Feeling: Making decisions based on person-centered values, and Judging: Being organized and decisive. Finally, my top Career Fields are: Psychology & Counseling, Teaching, Health Care, and Educational Administration. It even went so far as to suggest what things I could do in my leisure times that I might enjoy due to my personality type, such as volunteering at a counseling/crisis center; staffing a suicide prevention hotline; helping out in a special education classroom; reading self-help books; or taking classes in psychology/counseling. I find this stuff very interesting and it leads me more down the path to the correct career choice for me and hopefully a brighter future! Jeana, Carl and I also went to Coldstone tonight which is my favorite ice cream place. I got “Gotta Have It” size of black cherry and strawberry ice cream with white chocolate and regular chocolate chips as well as pineapple mixed inside. It was very delicious and a good way to top off the night.

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