Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 17... Samra the Explorerer

Day 17 – Feb.22nd, 2012

                        Today was a fun day of some English homework, lots of shopping and exploring around the area. First of all, Jeana, Carl and I went to Name Brand Exchange which is a used clothing store. One location is close but we went there a few days ago so we went to the one in Mesa. I found some cute and cheap low-heeled black shoes, a cute head band with zipper teeth on it and some random pretty postcards to send to pen pals. Jeana got a gray dress that looks cute on her. Then we went to Buffalo Exchange in Tempe but couldn’t find anything good. Also their prices have gone up quite a lot which sucks! Then we went into Ash Comics and we nerded out. I ordered Tales of Wonderland 3 to catch up on my dark Alice series by Zenoscope. Then we decided to eat at Fibber McGee’s in Chandler, which is an Irish pub with authentic food and lots of Guinness. We got there just in time for Happy Hour. We had mussels and different flavors of flatbreads. We also had some delicious Ace Pear cider which tastes much better to me than most beers. Lastly we checked out the place next to it called World Food and got baklava and some foreign snacks that have REAL sugar and not high fructose corn syrup in them. We got home and I did some English on research questions for the semester project. I’m trying to decide what I should research. I need to come up with at least three and NOT to use something cliché like abortion or death penalty. I’d prefer it to have to do with my major which is Psychology or my minor Women’s Studies. I was possibly thinking of research how graphic novels have more positive representations than most people assume. Normally people think they are so full of fluff and crap when many of these stories are very in depth and can actually teach something. Examples of those kinds of graphic novels would definitely be “Watchmen” and “V for Vendetta” and possibly less obvious ones that cause emotions to stir such as “Spiderman: Reign” and “House of M”. I would need to think of 2 other questions about different topics by Saturday night. One I had thought of earlier in the class was, how women are represented in strong roles it seems only in the Sci-fi genre. Are strong women are the stuff of fantasy? Another topic I’ve thought of is how a celebrity’s death affects their fans. Does it depend on the death such as suicide versus drugs versus old age? This project lasts for the rest of the semester so I really need to consider this when I choose the topic. That’s all folks!

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