Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 7... A day of many flavors

Day 7 – Feb 12th, 2012

                       Today was no school work and I hung out with Jeanette most of the day. We had fun going about town looking around for stuff for Valentine’s Day and for Carl’s Birthday on the 17th. We had sushi for breakfast at a place called RA which I would love to go back to. The atmosphere was calm and the restaurant is open so you can feel the air. I liked the simple décor theme of red and black. For appetizer we had pineapple cream cheese wontons. For entrée, I had a Philadelphia Roll and Jeana had a Crazy Monkey roll both of which had smoked salmon on them. We decided to have desert which was coconut crème brulee. Both of us had iced green tea which I love. They had offering of alcohol but seeing how it was 1130am we felt it was too early for that. Carl reads this blog so there will be no discussion of his V-day or B-day presents lol. Jeana and I also tried a cupcake place called Sweet Daddy where I had a Triple Chocolate and she had a Maple Bacon. Both were sugary but very moist, which is great because some of these cupcake places make theirs rather dry. For dinner, Carl made sausage, rice and red beans which were very yummy. I have decided to get a subscription to Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan since lately I’ve been buying issue and getting them at the house makes it cheaper. I realized that I can easily go over my 200 word minimum now which might be a good thing.G’ Night!

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