Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day 3! ... and 2

Day 3 – Feb 8th, 2012
                        Well I completely forgot about this on day 2 and didn’t write anything! So I guess I’ll have to make up for it by writing 400 words today huh? Lol. Well yesterday I spent most of the day doing English 102 work, learning about Logical, ethical and emotional fallacies in argument. I posted one of the random political videos that the teacher showcased and an example of using fallacies to attack ones opponent, using the pathos/emotional ones. It was funny because it was an old political campaign from when it was Jefferson VS Adams and it quoted real slander quoted from them back then. Then I took a quiz on them and got a 90% so that is good. Got talk to my friend Bret for a little while and realized how much I have changed and done things different since living in AZ. I just feel less stuck I guess and I have been more creative definitely. I got to play a bit of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is this whole house’s addiction lately and we’ve even gotten Jeanette to play. I’m a chaotic-good level 25 Kajiit Mage-Thief right now with a focus on Destruction and Restoration Spells. I am such a nerd!
                        Today was my Psychology 240 Developmental school work. We were focusing on physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in early childhood. It was interesting how play is so vital in our early years that when academics are forced on us they don’t hold. At that age we learn better from make-believe, reading books and exploring on our own than a structured environment up until the age of 5 or 6. There was also a quiz on it and an essay, which I had to write about the language development on my pretend daughter Sarah per the teacher’s instructions. I had to use examples of “Sarah” emphasizing her vocabulary acquisition, grammar, language explosion and over regularization. I hadn’t heard of the term over regularization before and it is basically when kids say things like “I have two feets.” or “My toy car breaked.” Two ways used in combination, for adults to guide the kids in the right direction without being discouraging is recasting which is rephrasing the wrong speech into the correct form, and expansion which is elaborating on the child’s speech, raising the complexity. If “Sarah” shows me her broken pencil and says “I brokeded my yellow pencil, Mommy!” I respond kindly with “Yes, sweetie, you broke your yellow pencil. Let’s get you a new one!” This will show her the correct use of the word without making her feel bad. I have also been reading Flowers for Algernon by David Keyes which I somehow missed in high school but I know about the basic story from everyone. I’ve got about 75 pages left and I feel terrible because Charlie is a genius now but he can see that the mouse is fading and going back to being normal and it basically scares him. I know it’s going to happen to him too but I really don’t want it too. Anyways I’ve gone a bit over my 400 words but that’s great! Now I should keep up on this thing! 

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