Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 19: Sweet tea 3.14 = Sweety pie

Day 19 – Feb. 24th, 2012

                        I didn’t do all that much today. I was just super tired on and off but I got more medicine so that’s a good thing. We had Jack in the Box for breakfast because it sounded delightful. I did reading for English 102 and made up my three research questions in detail for the assignment. I really like the one about the graphic novels being used positively. Here are my questions: 1.) How can graphic novels be applied positively in an academic setting and why are some educators against their use? 2.) How has the representation of women in the Sci-fi genre changed positively over the decades and how can this be a good influence in women’s lives? 3.) Why does a celebrity’s death affect us so much, even though we don’t know them personally? Are some of these deaths more meaningful to society than others? Do different types of deaths influence us differently like suicide, drugs or old age? Hopefully I can form an interesting essay project from one of these and my instructor will like it. If there are any opinions from my friends on these topics, please let me know! Carl made a delicious chicken soup tonight with potatoes and carrots but without the actual chicken meat. So yummy! Also, while I hate Mc Donalds, I love their sweet tea and with it being only a dollar, it’s a cheap addiction. Tonight I leave you with this:

"Life isn't a mountain that has a summit. Nor a game that has a final score.
Life is an endless unfolding, and if we wish it to be, an endless process of self-discovery,
an endless and unpredictable dialogue between our own potentialities and the life situations in which we find ourselves."
-John W. Gardner

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