Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 13... and 12... quiet you!

Day 13 – Feb. 19th, 2012

                        So I skipped a night again. I stayed up till 3 am doing my Rhetorical analysis essay on an article written about gay teen suicide being a myth. I was so very tired so I crashed out! Carl’s new bed was delivered yesterday and it was wonderful and felt like a cloud. I slept in and totally did not want to move from it at all. I did psychology yesterday on Middle Childhood and got a 95% on the quiz so that’s cool. Midterms are coming up so fast! I got an 85% on the Rhetorical Analysis by the way because I forgot to put in some correct citations and didn’t have very good closing sentences in my paragraphs. I think it was just overly crammed in my head with a bunch of work so I wasn’t thinking as clearly as I should have. Also the last paragraph in the article about enraged me! It was written by the Traditional Values Coalition and basically talked about how gay teens committing suicide wasn’t really very common and that we should be more worried about homosexuals in our schools molesting children. Argh! I know not everyone I am friends with is okay with gay folk but really? Come on people! All the people I have EVER known to be raped or molested wasn’t from a gay person, it was from a relative or someone who was supposed to be someone who loved them and betrayed that trust. I guess writing about something that makes me furious is a good thing because it lets the ideas flow a bit better. Today I woke up late because I was so comfy in our new bed. I read my new Game Informer but wasn’t very interested in this months’ issue, though there was a cool article about two guys doing a speed-run of Skyrim in 2 hours 16 minutes and 30 seconds, which is insane! They only did Main quest missions but still I can hardly imagine this game being trimmed down to that time because of how vast it is in addition to the long loading screens. We went to Sam’s Club and got Pink Moscato wine from the brand Shutter Home, went to Name Brand Exchange and I got a black ball bar for my industrial piercing and Jeanette got some cute dresses. Then we went to Target and Carl and I each got things to organize our shows with, which is always good for a clutter-free environment. We ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries and it is delicious! It reminds me of In-n-Out a lot but with slightly different menu options. I’ve got to go get blood work done in the morning to check up on my thyroid which will be fun ::sarcasm:: so I’ll leave you guys with a quote from one of the songs on repeat for me lately.

Every street I ever walked, every home I ever had is lost.
Every flower I ever held, every spring I ever had has died.
Every man I ever knew, every woman I ever had is gone.
Everything I ever touched, everything I ever had has died.
”           “Like Tears in Rain” by Covenant

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