Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 15... Sickness, sick, sickypoo... sleepy

Day 15 – Feb. 20th, 2012

                       Well I am sick again. It feels like I’m always sick during February. Last year I had this nasty stuffy, coughing pain also. Maybe it’s just this winter-to-spring business. I have a cold virus and I have to take Coricidin, a nasal spray and plenty of good ol’ Vitamin C. I’m freaking tired and had to take a nap on that wonderful bed of ours ;-) I could hardly get any homework done though because my eyes weren’t focusing. It’s time for Midterms this week for two of my classes and the other two are next week. So far I have 3 A’s and a B+ which makes me happy. I've just got to pay more attention to some details in English 102 to get that grade looking a little better. Today was homework for my College Success course. We covered some things about Emotional Intelligence and how you should not make any decisions when you are feeling strong emotions, happy, mad or sad. I talked to my mom for a bit too which is always nice. I am still reading “Fast Food Nation”; it’s very interesting and educational about the history of the fast food industry. Some of it I already knew from growing up in Anaheim near Carl’s Jr, but some of it I didn’t know, especially because I’ve never worked for fast food due to my many allergies and being grossed out in general. I am going to go watch Skyrim, read and rest up. Goodnight Moon!

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