Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 11... why is it eleven and not onety-one?

Day 11 – Feb.16th, 2012

                        It was an uneventful day really but I am excited because its Carl’s 28th birthday tomorrow. I choose my English essay which will be on the gay teen suicide being common or a myth. It will make for quiet an interesting read indeed especially because the article calling it a myth enraged me so by throwing in statements about how “homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed near schools”. ARGH! Then I began my algebra homework for chapter 3: Graphs of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables. I’m going to take the test on it tomorrow and start my Psychology reading and do my English essay on Saturday. Seems like an overwhelming week in the homework area for some reason. I think it just got behind but if I catch up I’ll be ok. I got a nice Valentine’s Day card from my mommy today and she got a teddy bear I sent her as well. She sends me coupons too which is really helpful because she knows what I like lol. I really want to see VNV Nation (3/17/2012 in Mesa) and Mindless Self Indulgence (4/1/2012 in Tempe) here this year I hope that I have the money. It would be super cool and I’ve never been to a show with Carl. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and I got sweet & sour chicken which was delicious. My back is killing me tonight so I need to go grab some Excedrin and chill out. Nighty!

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